We found it important to inform you of our brand, its history and its ethical code.


The brand LeDrapo was born in the French Alps in 2009 after the creation of the « famous » blue

white and red headband worn by Jean-Baptiste Grange and Julien Lizeroux (French national

team members) at all of the World Championship skiing events since 2009. (It was originally handknitted

by Alexia, JB Grange’s sister.)


Since then, LeDrapo has taken flight and boasts over 140 models of headbands and hats which are

sold in over 300 independent sporting goods stores in France and abroad (Italy, Austria, Norway,

South Korea, Canada, Andorra, the United States...)


Our products are 100% made in France, in our workshops located on the Haute-Loire plateau.

Our yarn originates from French, Italian and Spanish spinning mills. The died yarn has Oeko-

Tex certification, which means it is free of harmful substances. Each LeDrapo product that you

purchase goes through a 14 stage production process; from the knitting to the final packaging.

This process monopolizes approximately 20 people full-time throughout the year.


Each stage, whether it be manual or mechanical, is enhanced by a recognised savoir-faire and

transmitted by people passionate about what they do. Certain parts of the manual process are

produced in CATs (Sheltered Workshops for Disabled or Handicapped Persons). We also regularly

integrate young interns from Vocational Secondary Schools that train textile workshop technicians.

That way, we can perpetuate and pass down our French know-how.


This chart’s ambition is not to be above reproach. We simply want to explain our brand’s DNA,

to share our convictions about the « Made in France » approach and to re-establish fair pricing in

a well-defined and socially responsible framework.


Have a great season!


The Ledrapo team


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